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Full Solar Eclipse
Plant Medicine Retreat
In the Path of totality
April 5th - 9th

  • Daily Plant Medicine Ceremonies 

  • 4 days & 4 nights of a deeply transformative experience to alchemize any blocks that are holding you back from living at your highest potential

  • Retreat ground offer a comfy, cozy & peaceful experience on 76 acres located an hour outside of Dallas

  • Lodging is offered in 2 locations. Waterfront lake cabins or camping available on retreat grounds

  • Somatic Experiencing Sessions to allow unresolved trauma to pass through the body

  • Comprehensive Personalized Human Design Reading Packet -With 1 hour review session

  • All High Vibration Meals and Snacks provided 

  • Other activities include:

    • One on one sessions with each unique facilitator

    • Body Based Practice to allow self express -Somatic Posturing

    • Intuitive Tarot Readings

    • Breathwork - Holotropic/Somatic breathwork

    • Meditation Sessions

    • Daily reflective journaling 

    • Nightly stargazing around a sacred fire with ecstatic dance

    • Post retreat integration sessions via zoom available (additional cost at time of service)

Are you ready to leave behind what no longer serves you? Set yourself free from self limiting beliefs? Fall deeper in love with yourself and life? Immerse yourself in this transformative experience to expand your consciousness and find a deeper reverence for life! This plant medicine based retreat will be filled with opportunities for expansion, inspiration, and nervous system rewiring. All, while allowing the participant access to a state of increased alignment with their gifted-higher self.


The price is variable depending on the participants current financial situation. Please schedule a consultation to chat more about what price point works best for you. Please schedule a call to learn more!



This is an incredibly potent experience and our intention as facilitators is to hold a space that is safe, supportive, and conducive to your highest good. We aim to craft an experience that works deeply with your nervous system from the moment you step into the experience. We highly value the balance of energetics and feel a deep reverence for the roles we embody.


Brandy is certified in Psychedelic Facilitation & Somatic Experiencing®, a type of therapy that focuses on rewiring the subconscious mind. She is fully trauma trained and her mastery is in supporting intense experiences to make sure the energy fully releases and does not get stuck or leave anyone with undigested emotions.


Kori is an energy worker, intuitive and registered nurse.  Her mastery is in holding a sturdy and safe presence as she tracks the energetics to make sure everyone has the support they need while on their journeys.

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